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on Global-Warming

This not only increases the temperature on earth's surface but also the temperature prevailing over the oceanic region of the world. This remarkable rise of temperature is on account of pollution occurring all over the world. The polluted atmospheric condition over the earth is capable to develop infrared radiation. The main gases present in the earth's atmosphere are water content, Ozone, Carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide and methane. These gases are termed as Green House Gases and have certain roles to increase the temperature on Earth's crust. The industrial transformations and development have increased the production of greenhouse gases in the atmospheric air and is considered as one of the main reasons for the global warming. This phenomenon has observed from the middle of the twentieth century.
The concentration of the gaseous media of the atmospheric air has great influence to increase global warming. This is affected in accordance with two principles. One is by the direct emission of infra red radiation from the gaseous constituents of atmospheric air and the other is indirectly through clouds. The solid and liquid particles present in the atmospheric air are responsible for the indirect process to develop the global temperature. These solid and liquid suspensions present in the atmospheric air are generally termed as 'aerosols'. ...
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This essay is about the serious disaster global warming which has been developing as side effects of our life style. In this essay we have made a comprehensive explanation regarding the causes, outcome, sufferings, loses and control measures of the disaster…
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