Death of a Salesman as a tragedy - Book Report/Review Example

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This is a tragedy of a common man in the modern world, a story about a man from Brooklyn.

This play was awarded by prizes in literature; it combines several literature styles, as surrealism and realism. This is a story of a man that is swallowed up by the world of hypocrisy and fraud. The hero is shy and unlucky: "Suddenly I realize I'm going sixty miles an hour, and I don't remember the last five minutes." (Miller, p. 56)

He is alone in the surrounding world, and even his family doesn't understand his odd behavior. He speaks to the characters from the past that was luckier and friendlier to him, and his sons are disappointed with his behavior. His wife is also unhappy with this, as she understands that he cannot overcome the distinction between the dreams and the real world.
Investigation of this subject demands mentioning the notion of a classic tragedy and its definition, developed by Aristotle. There were four key elements that the writing needed to be defined as the tragedy: "1) noble or impressive characters; 2) the main character's discovery or recognition of a truth or fault in himself ; 3) poetic language; and 4) the ability to arouse and then soothe the audience's pity and fear. " (Kelly, p. 59)Some critics suppose that Death of a Salesman doesn’t meet any of these requirements, or at least, hesitate that all these demands can be applied to the play; the others insist that the play corresponds to these key elements. It is known that Miller was greatly impressed with the Greek tragedies and he wrote much about the impressions after reading of classic Greek tragedies, he wrote that he was attracted to the Greeks due to their “magnificent form, the symmetry. ...Show more


Hamlet, Oedipus, King Lear, Macbeth, and Willy Loman are the characters observed by the critics in the numerous writings devoted to the genre of tragedy. …
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Death of a Salesman as a tragedy essay example
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