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Separation of Church and State

This strategy is applied by those who are as eager to separate church and state, as those who seek to integrate them more tightly. One of the other primary issues that is raised in this debate is the rather practical one as to whether or not church and state are really separated at all. It is suggested that the notions of political liberalism, democracy, and the founding principles of modern states are based implicitly on moral codes and mores derived from religious institutions. Thus, religion and government are not inseparable a priori. The second type of argument given in this vein offers that the increase in the number and percentage of religious practices which exist here in the United States, mandates a level of management if not expressly establishment from Federal, State and local governments. The number of individuals who claim a religious affiliation that is neither Christian, Jewish, nor non-affiliated has risen from 7% to 20% in the past 30 years (Walker 1). ...
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Despite the proclaimed "wall of separation" that Thomas Jefferson attempted to erect in his letter to the Danbury Baptists, the role of religion in government has been a perennially irksome question to those who seek to maintain a balance between the principles of political liberalism and the tenets of faith…
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Separation of Church and State Essay
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