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Child Labor is a Form of Child Abuse

Child labor hampers children from furthering their intellectual growth by robbing them of time spent inside the classrooms to be educated. Childhood is a very significant period in the intellectual development of an individual. However, being tied in different chores hinders children from getting proper schooling. Even if it is argued that child labor equips children with some skills, empirical evidence emphasizes that it significantly robs children the opportunity to be educated. Children who spend more time in work activities have less time to spare to attend their classes. Furthermore, “time spent working takes away from study, play, and sleep and might undermine the effectiveness of the classroom for child workers that attend school”. Child labor also lessens the ability of children to improve their academic performance.
Lastly, child labor passes the responsibility of parents to their young children. It is the sole responsibility of parents to provide the material needs of their children and it is very abusive of them to have their offspring support the family. One extreme example of this is the case of bonded laborers where child labor is used to pay the debt of the family. In all these situations, children are burdened with responsibilities which are not theirs. Child labor is a form of maltreatment as it passes parent’s responsibilities to the child. Exposing children to hazardous working conditions endangers their physical well-being while robbing them of the time to be educated hinders their growth. ...
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The writer of the essay "Child Labor Is A Form Of Child Abuse" suggests that child labor exposes children to hazardous circumstances, prevents them from furthering their intellectual growth, and burdens them with responsibilities which are supposed to be undertaken by their parents…
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