Child Labor is a Form of Child Abuse

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The prevalence of child labor in the global economy has numerous adverse consequences. Child labor, whether voluntary or involuntary, places children in circumstances where the attainment of their full potential and growth as individuals are hampered. It is irrefutable that at their early age, children are forced to contribute to the economic well-being of their household.


Child labor is a form of abuse as it exposes an individual into hazardous circumstances where his or her health and even entire life is at stake. Whenever we hear of child labor, what comes to mind is a picture is a thin and dirty child working long-hours in the factory. However, it has been found out that the agriculture sector employs the highest percentage of children who actively participates in activities like weeding, plowing, and taking care of farm animals. Both work places, whether in the manufacturing or agricultural industry, threaten the physical condition of the employed child. In a research conducted by Ashagrie in 1997, 9% of children in the manufacturing sector reports injury due to their lack of capacity in operating equipments. In the same study, the agricultural sector records a higher 12%. Edmonds and Pavcnik (2005: 208) identifies the hazards in agricultural work: "Agriculture can be hazardous to for children because of exposure to dangerous chemicals such as herbicides and insecticides, exposure to heat or weather, repetitive work injuries and threats posed by animals, reptiles, insects, parasites and some plants."
Child labor hampers children from furthering their intellectual growth by robbing them of time spend insid ...
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