Podcasts for Training in an Organisational Setting - Research Proposal Example

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Podcasts for Training in an Organisational Setting

Podcasting offers consumer appeal, ease of use, and accessibility. The term podcasting, for the purpose of this research, refers to a technological tool that is mobile and has the capacity for internet communication, multimedia playback, and storage. A primary example of such a device is the famous iPod by the Apple Company. Although other podcast-enabled devices are available on the market, iPod is currently the preferred podcasting device (Apple 2006).
The advance of technology has an obvious impact on the processes we use in an organization or institution. The suggested research will examine the affects of using podcasts for training in an organizational setting to determine its benefits and drawbacks on the training procedure. The following section of the proposal discusses the perceived relevance of the intended research, as it outlines and challenges the ability of the podcasting method to quantifiably enhance training in a given subject area. The second section presents comparable research studies through the literature review which focuses on podcasting in a first part, on the physiological and psychological aspects of learning in a second part. ...
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The presented research will investigate the potential of podcasting as a technological tool to improve training in an organizational setting. In the same way that music is the business of the record industry, learning is the business of education. What matters in education is learning; not the way in which it occurs…
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