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Crisis Communications and Segmented Audiences

Fear and anxiety leads to miscommunication. Often it is the fear of the unknown and inability to access a source which can come in the way of effective communication. Missing information or the inability to get information needed puts one in a difficult position.
The situation in a mishap is tense and requires gentle albeit firm handling. Once the ambulance and police are notified, one can wait to meet relatives or friends. In the absence of either, one can leave his/her name and contact number with the police if need arises in the near future.
A cable car detached from wire over the French Alps today that resulted in the death of twenty people. The number of injured is being ascertained. Nobody knows the exact cause of the mishap. However, the police say excessive occupants in the car as the possible cause. The police rely on the number of deaths for their surmise.
The event has shaken the administration and the police are making enquiries. It is too early to pinpoint the cause. The loss of lives will keep the administration on their toes for a long time to come.
It is a spectacular site leading many to come to the area for a look. No one seriously imagined it could cause a mishap of this magnitude. The attachment of the car with the cable is robust and the only way for detachment may be faulty workmanship or poor maintenance.
People were cautioned against overcrowding in the car. ...
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It is important to keep on hand phone numbers of essentials like the ambulance, the police and the hospital. It is necessary to remain calm and alert and not give in to any emotion that does not impact the event.
The ambulance must be called, the police and the hospital informed…
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