Child Care College Essay

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Choosing appropriate child care for a child can seem to be as overwhelming as helping a teenager choose a college or university. There are myriad factors to be considered and options to be evaluated to ensure the best care for the child. Parents care is beyond compare and the most appropriate guardianship a child could ever need in growing.


In contemplating the kind of assistance parents should resort to for child care, it is essential that the requirement of a safe and happy environment that fun, educational and nurturing is met. Baby sitters are often among the top choice of parents in their decisions on which kind of help they would embark for their child. Though this is the case, it does not in any way conclusively suggest that it is the best practice. I would argue that child care from a licensed child care center is undeniably better than care from a baby sitter which is also fondly called as nanny.
A child care center provides care for groups of children. They often provide entertainment and activities for all of the children to take part in. In child care centers, the space and equipment is designed strictly for the intended use of the facility ( Children tend to be grouped with others their own age and activities can be designed to meet the needs of each classroom of children. Most caregivers in a center are required to have education in child development or early childhood education, and all staffs are required to have annual in-service training in child development. ...
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