human activity increases pollution of the atmosphere

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During the summer of 1988, the public's attention was daught by the eath's surface temperature which can said to be rising with great steep which may not be able to change back. Though by 1997 December, global warming was not only effecting the climate but also the business era.


(Schneider, 103)
The protocol is familiar with the fact that most of the scientists are working upon that global warming is a serious threat to the world, against which serious actions must be taken in order to maintain it when we can.
Although some critics might be against the statement that there is a contribution from human activity which increases the greenhouse gases which pollute the atmosphere. Some scientists have also researched that if there is an increase of even two degrees Fahrenheit in the greengases and global warming, we are likely to experience more of severly damagable storms, earthquakes, floods, in consequence to which more diseases would arrise. Such consequences would not only damage people, the community or the society, instead it would be harmful to the entire business era and the economic system.
The Kyoto Protocol warned the business leaders that the new laws that will formulate are going to not only reduce the greenhouse gases which are produced but infact, may also disturb the flow of many business around the world due to which many producers might have to change the way the produce and manufacture products.
In addition, business may have to suffer from a shift in the demand curve due to energy-efficient products whose main aim would be to reduce extra pollution while at the same time providing services to the soci ...
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