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Social Science Research

This paper as the main task of tracing out the advantages of a comparative methodology that result in value addition in case study analysis ,on the one hand, and, on the other, this paper also explains the various pitfalls that are encountered in social science research when it deploys the comparative methodology. This analysis is achieved by carrying out a literature review in support of arguments in favour of and against the comparative methodology and by citing literature involving case studies that deployed comparative analysis as methodology.
Seligson & Tucker (2003) report an interesting cross country study of two very different nations i.e. Bolivia and Russia. They attempt to arrive at conclusions regarding preference for ex-authoritarian rulers in public elections in each of these two countries which are otherwise very divergent in social, economic and geopolitical characteristics. In order to derive such conclusions the research deployed the comparative methodology. The researchers explain their research setting, conclusions and variables in following words, "In our research we find that a preference for authoritarian regime types is a key predictor of support for ex-authoritarian candidates for president in two vastly different countries: Bolivia and Russia. ...
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This paper has the primary objective to trace the important elements of a comparative methodology, which is primarily an inductive approach that is deployed by a good number of contemporary social science research efforts on the philosophical standing of the positivist tradition…
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