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Essay example - Alternatives to Simple Incarceration

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The case of Joe Jones is perfect for devising an alternative to simple incarceration. He is 30 years old, married and a father of a child. He was recently laid off from his job, where he had worked for eight years. Even though he is skilled at his job, he was not able to find job fast enough…

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Keeping such a large number of people in confinement is proving to be a financial strain on governments. Many first time offenders and people like Joe Jones who are not a threat to public safety can be safely integrated into the society under supervision. This will definitely save a lot of tax payer's money and will contribute positively to the rehabilitation of the offender.
Having seen many people like Joe Jones during my tenure, I feel that it is high time for an alternative to be introduced into the system. A system can be devised which will take into consideration the public's point of view, the concerns of the government and the situation of the offender.
Paramount focus should be given to public safety. For this an Electronic Monitoring Program1 can be introduced so that the offender will be under surveillance 24 hrs a day. This can be affected by fitting the offender with a tamper sensitive ankle or wrist device, which along with the telephone line will keep the authorities informed about the whereabouts of the offender. Public safety can be ensured by this step. ...
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