Repesentation of Women in Japanese Film

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Japanese women are depicted as gentle and mild, in the early times, they are the ones who tame the wild lions and they are a symbol of purity and of goodwill. They usually have roles wherein they commit crimes but most of the time it is not their own will but the will of a man's ambition at her side.


Although a Japanese woman can be fearsome and they are the angels of jealousy and vanity, it is a venomous tact that they use when they lose their temper and rages war against another as seen in Japanese films.
Among the manly and womanly roles in Japan, it is the role of the man that carries pride so adamantly. It is in man's nature to be the best among his kin and companions. They are egotistic by nature and will not bow to anyone unless it will serve them a great purpose or if it is to please to gain something. Since the early times, men are openly dominant on things that they own or wish to own. They are the providers and the protectors and will go at great lengths to meet what is required of them, even if it means that they have to thread with the devil himself.
Life is hard to live through especially for a poor man who cannot make a name for himself and a name for his son or daughter. They commit their mistakes out in public and they defend their dignity just as a woman will defend for her virginity. Men are reckless by themselves and since they always want to outwit and outrun another man just so that they can prove that they are the king of the pack, they will go at any measure to be the "worthy" one.
Women, as portrayed in Japanese films are meek and a follower of men. ...
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