Human Rights Violations in the U.S. - Book Report/Review Example

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Human Rights Violations in the U.S.

Specifically, the issue I focused on was the case of the poor and their inability to afford things like food and healthcare that are meant to be human rights rather than purchasable luxuries.
I used a variety of resources to research human rights and violations of human rights in America. One of the initial resources I used was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which can be viewed online. This document details the specifications of human rights, and can be used to determine whether certain actions are in fact violations of human rights. Jack Donnelly's textbook, Universal Human Rights in Theory & Practice provides theoretical analysis of the articles found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And a textbook by Leonard Beeghley entitled, The Structure of Social Stratification in the United States, outlines some important details about the different classes and the reproduction of class in America.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a credible resource for facts about working trends in America. Statistics from their website show that contrary to what many people believe, poor people do work; in fact, most work full-time. With statistics about working people who earn less than the poverty threshold as determined by the U.S. ...
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I chose to research human rights violations in the United States of America. I chose America, the country that I am proud to live in, because many other of its proud inhabitants overlook the possibility that human rights violations could possibly happen so close to home…
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