The Education System

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We all dream of a "Perfect Society" where there is love and respect for one another. We want to live in a peaceful world; with no violence, no jealousy, and no protests. Furthermore, we want society to have the discipline that almost all institutions work so hard to implement.


What measures are we willing to take in order to achieve it What system are we going to introduce to our education so that we could produce individuals fit for this society Are we willing to sacrifice and violate some values such as the values of privacy and freedom just to attain this so called "perfect society" And if we do, will it be worth it What would have become of us as human beings
Education is one way to implement discipline or a desired behavior of any sort. After all, it is undeniable that a nation's education system greatly influences the kind of citizens it has. The people's discipline, values, and way of living are all affected by the kind of education they were able to attain, since we all know that, before being exposed to the real world where we have to work, we have to go through education. Unless we are home schooled and aside from outside influences, we learn everything else in school: manners, culture, academics. If the education system of a society can be altered and controlled by one person, there is a great chance that he will gain control over all of the society.
In Paulo Freire's "banking theory of education" from his book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, he argues that society uses education to avoid people from intervening in what they have created as the perfect society. They have come up with a system that does not allow students to think; rather they are only receptacles of teachings or deposits. ...
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