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Business Plan Analysis

The BP is clear in its statements on Replay's mission and business objectives. The BP describes in detail company's sales, gross margins and net profits to highlight the profitable nature of its venture.
The BP indicates clearly what the keys to the success of this venture are and how they business will address them. It explains how the company will source the raw material and how it will sell its products. The critical issues that the business will face and how the company will face them have been explained.
The company will have two divisions and will manufacture two products. The first plant (Recycling division) will produce cleaned and recycled plastic PET Flake (RPET) for which the raw material will be post-consumer beverage bottles. Waste material from Replay's sheets manufacturing customers will also be a source of raw material.
Even though the output of raw material from this division can be sold directly in the market as flake, Replay proposes to use most of it in its second plant (Extrusion division). The output from here will be extruded roll stock PET sheets and extruded high strength strapping.
Currently there are no competitors offering recycled PET materials in the western coast. All the major producers of this are in the eastern coast. ...
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The executive summary portion of the business plan (BP) clearly spells out the offerings of the company in terms of what it will manufacture and sell. It gives a brief but concise introduction to the background of the industry, and what exactly the company will manufacture and sell…
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