Circadian Rhythms and Their Importance to Humanise and other Animals

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The importance of Circadian Rhythms in mammals has been established by numerous studies and years of continuing research further exemplify the effect of Circadian Rhythms. One of the most significant indicators of the importance of the Circadian Rhythm is the link that has been found between the normal circadian cycle and the health and longevity of otherwise healthy mammals.


649). It was significant to note that in this study 25% of the subjects presented arrhythmic Circadian Rhythm patterns and had a shorter life span by 50% compared to the animal subjects with normal circadian cycles.
Kumar, Mohan and Kumar-Sharma (2005) in their study further found that the arrhythmic patterns found in the test group also had a correlation to the reproductive success of the mature species with 40% less than their rhythmic counterparts successfully producing viable offspring. The authors noted that although the study did not investigate the causal effects of this it does indicate that further study is necessary. It does, however, demonstrate that the circadian rhythm plays an integral, if not fully understood, role in the viability of the species - not only on an individual basis but also species wide.
Doljansky, Kannety and Dagan (2005) note that circadian rhythm typically produced by period s of day and night are manifested in mammals in many of the physiological functions including "appetite, core body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and various endocrine and metabolic variables" (p. 598). Much of the cycle is based upon the natural timing of daylight and night. ...
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