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"Trifles" by Susan Glaspell

Oh dear, I almost forgot I was in the middle of baking bread, I hope Mrs. Hale will get rid of it. After all this time the dough would to tough to use. How could I sleep through somebody strangling John in our own bed Well, I guess it's like I told Mr. Hale "I sleep sound". There's no other answer for it. Unless I actually tell them the truth. That I don't sleep in the same room with John, haven't in years. But that would be unbearable. Just think of what the other folks around here would think of me for telling that. They'd either think it was a lie to protect myself or that I was one bad wife. Either way that coming out at this time would not look good. Plus it's not like I have any way to back it up. John is dead now and he was the only other one who knew about it. This place could use a good cleaning up. No wonder people are always glad to get out of here, whether they are going to another jail or home, it's got to be better than this place. I wonder how long they will keep me in here. I hope not too long. I really need to get home and clean up my house. And now it will be even worse with all those men tracking in and out, not caring about how dirty they get the place. What do they care they don't have to clean it. I bet they'd be a lot more careful if they did. Then they'd understand how hard it is to keep a dusty farmhouse clean. ...
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Mrs. Wright: I wonder if Mrs. Hale could find everything I asked for. I really need that apron. This one I have on is so dirty and I can't be seen in a dirty apron, what would the townspeople think It's bad enough that I had to leave the house without finishing the cleaning of my kitchen…
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