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Strategy Evaluation

A case of assuming availability of traditional work force to undertake a task that involves more drudgery but is very cost-effective may not work if better opportunities are available to the targeted work force (Allan). On proper allocation of resources, even though required financial resources might have been arranged , it might not have considered the need for skilled and competent employees. Further, the manager must also be able to ensure a compatibility in the operational styles with the other departments and units in the same organization. The creation of an environment for consensus and acceptability of ideas across the group need to be present for a viable strategy for the business. A clear judgment on the time allocation for various processes like market analysis, product generation, test marketing and final launch must be carefully position to prevent the loss in the advantageous position that the company might have had initially (Allan). Due to all these reasons the strategy evaluation often tends to be very complex and sensitive exercise. ...
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The strategy evaluation of any business proposal can be very complex and cumbersome exercise. The major factors considered in the process are - assessment of any suitable advantages, evaluating the operational assumptions to be realistic, availability of necessary competence, resources and attitudes, an evaluation of risks and uncertainties, flexibility in operations and provision of proper time allocation (Allan)…
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