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Contract Law-Commercial Purpose assignment

Who is responsible for the payment of the crew of the Boat Is it included in the charges negotiated with Mary Who will decide on the correctness of the amount payable to the crew Will Nile's concurrence be obtained for the charges payable to crew (This is important as this will affect the net earnings from the whole venture)
Whether the boat will be made seaworthy by completing the defouling and painting the hull before the cruises start Who will pay for the charges for such defouling and painting Has it been agreed that "the boat will be made seaworthy by the owner before the cruises start" will form part of the contract
Has the boat been insured If so what are the obligations of the insurer Till what date the insurance is valid Does the insurance cover the third party claims in case of accidents If currently there is no insurance, who will pay for the insurance coverage
Has Mary a right to rescind the contract If so what are the terms (Notice period requirements, compensation for premature terminations are to be decided, as the tickets for such cruises will be sold in advance by Mr. John Nile and any unexpected withdrawal by Mary from the contract will put Mr. Nile into difficulties of facing the claims of the proposed passengers.)
Has it been made known to Mary that pursuant to entering into a contract for the charter of t ...
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What is the arrangement between Mr. John Nile and Mary Johnson for the charter of the Boat What is the role of Mary Johnson or her son Bill Johnson in the proposed commercial venture Are they partners or just letting out the boat on charter to Mr. John Nile How Mary will be paid; whether on the basis of the number of hours the boat is used or per the number of passengers handled by Nile
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