Musical investigation of the One Of A Kind by Placebo using concepts of music

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With Currie sounding each drum, mallet, or "metal" to an ever-repeating rhythmic figure, various orchestral soloists and ensemble groups simultaneously define the melody or motif. Torke's expressed goal is to use these devices to get the listener "grooved into a rapturous state".


The listener hears only the trumpets and trombones vying for attention with Currie's fearsome forward phalanx. The audience did give hearty applause at Rapture's conclusion and reportedly bought considerable numbers of its Naxos CD recording during intermission. In my view, however, they were sustaining a collective placebo effect from Torke's pre-performance address to them regarding the "sexual rapture" and related concepts. Like the 12-tone music of nearly a century ago, Rapture needs to be studied not merely heard to be appreciated.
Ironically, the real story of this concert centered on conductor Miller, who filled out the program with superlative accounts of Strauss's Don Juan and Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony--the latter the best I've heard live. Indeed the thunderous ovation following the symphony was altogether ecstatic--perhaps even rapturous.
With the Berlioz bicentennial looming, the Los Angeles Philharmonic is celebrating this iconoclastic Frenchman's music in a big way. To close 2002, the Philharmonic presented L'Enfance du Christ at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion the afternoon of December 20. ...
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