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Essay example - Dyscalculia

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Children that are facing difficulty in solving mathematics may or may not be victims of dyscalculia. There are different tools designed to evaluate this situation. Dyscalculia can be defined as a term used for those children who show their disability in learning mathematics (Ansari & Karmiloff-Smith, 2002)…

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Some researchers declared that it is a biological trouble related to brain, some believe that emotional problems are contributing to this disorder; some psychologists declared it, a result of overall low intelligence of children and some say mathematical anxiety is causing this problem. Hence there are a lot of views regarding dyscalculia. A lot of researches have been made to identify the reason causing dyscalculia, yet it is not clear what actually is making it difficult for the children to understand mathematics.
Whatsoever is causing dyscalculia; the methods to resolve this problem must be defined and implemented in schools for such children. A person needs to identify whether the problem exists or not before solving it. The first step in helping such children is to examine if the child is having dyscalculia or is it just because of lack of attention and interest. Three methods are defined to diagnose dyscalculia. However one out of those three techniques is considered effective. Two of them evaluate the tendency of a child of solving mathematical problems. ...
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