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Essay example - National Vocational Educational and Training

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This essay will explore and discuss the history f vocational training (VT) within the United Kingdom from it's initial existence and follow the development f VT to where it stands now. It will discuss the large number f stake holders involved with the UK system including government and private sector and discuss the complexities and problems f UK Vocational Training…

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NVET seeks to reconcile the educational training needs f the individual, the employer and the economy in such a way as to increase the competitiveness f organisations and British Industry as a whole, while at the same time ensuring that individuals can develop in ways that will enable them to lead meaningful and satisfying lives. Harrison, R. (1992).cited in Walton, J. (1999) p75.
Methods f training and educating employees had been in existence in some form or other since medieval times. In certain industries such as engineering and printing apprenticeships had long been established. Although the education act f 1944 required employers to release young employees to attend 'further education and liberal studies' classes in 'county colleges', it wasn't until the nineteen sixties that national training and learning initiatives came into existence. Reid et al. ...
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