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Future of American Transportation Policy

Transport is very important for any society to flourish, and in advanced countries like America, the demand for automated or motorized mobility has evolved and increased significantly since the 1970's. Due to the fact that the transport sector is highly dependent on carbon fuels, it is expected to account for a large portion greenhouse gas emitted into the air in developed countries like the U.S.A. in the future, and contribute greatly to global climate change.
However, about 70% of world population lives in developing regions, where per capita travel demand is currently low. Future trends in mobility-both passenger and freight-in these regions will be of critical importance for the world's fuel supply and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions over the 21st century.
Many previous studies dealing with travel demand have tended to focus on a very detailed level and short time horizon, and are therefore of limited use for examining the long-term issues outlined above. This paper will also analyse the future demand for motorized transportation.
Since the 1980's, when the Just-In-Time (JIT) practices were popularised, the companies have strived to decrease inventory levels and increase overall production costs. ...
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The effective management of a supply chain involves creative thinking about how best to combine and execute logistics and manufacturing activities. Postponement and speculation strategies present us with opportunities to achieve delivery of products in an accurate and cost-effective way, by rearranging the conventional logistics and production structures…
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