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Essay example - Strategic Management politics and law

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Strategy is what people do in order to achieve the goals established in the company like increase in sales and net income among others. The follow paragraphs explains what strategies need to be done in the Car manufacturing industry.
Income. Based on Table 1 Quarterly Forecast for Anualized Global Growth Rates for the year, there is a general decline for the demand for cars…

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Meanwhile the forecasted growth rate for the car industry in the United States for the third quarter 2005 is 3.6 percent and this has decreased to 2.6 percent for the last quarter of 2005. For the first quarter 2006, the first quarter forecasted grown rate has increased to 3.3 percent and finally for the second quarter of 2006, the growth rate has further increased to 3.7 percent.
the European region has contributed the second highest growth rate of fifty percent as compared to the third top growth rate producer of forty two percent growth rate established by the rest of Europe for the year 2005. For the year 2006, the growth rate of the European region has increased to fifty sixty percent as compared to the rest of Europe region contribution of only forty two percent. The number one contributor to growth rate is the United States with a one hundred twenty seven percent increase in growth rate for the year 2005. This growth rate has been maintained at twenty seven percent for the year 2006. This only shows that in order to increase sales, a car manufacturing company must offer their brands to the United States market.
Based on Table 4, Vehicle sales for the year 2004, 17.9 million cars for the year 2004 in the United States Market whereas for the year 2009, which is five years later, the ...
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