Irish Mob Violence in Boston

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For most parts of the twentieth century to the present, the populace of Boston continues to be scared and terrified by the fierce and often gruesome bloodbath that are undertaken on the streets of city among the various gangs of the city, particularly Irish American groups, often referred to as the Irish mobs.


There are certain names that the very mentions of Irish mob in Boston immediately throw up: names like Whitey Bulger, Steve Nemii, and Alex Rocco. Although they were some of the key figures, yet they were not the only people involved in the terrible Irish mob wars that have haunted Boston for decades. Boston gang war has always been a complex web of related parties trying to take hold of loansharking, banking, drug dealing, prostitution and other aspects of organized crime in this industrial city, complicated by the dubious involvement of the FBI. Through books (like the Black Mass) and films (like Departed) referring to a many of these aspects, these dealings have taken a near romantic dimension in the popular imagination: with betrayals, double-crosses, passion and typical Irish 'gift of the gab' well in display. This paper does not want to get into the details of the careers, lives and deaths of the leading Irish mob gangsters, which have been studied and repeated with alarming repetitiveness and sensationality. What it will attempt to do instead, is to look at the entire phenomenon as a particular case within the overarching and generic subject of organized crime. ...
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