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Essay example - Literacy and First Graders

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Literacy is a common concern in the United States. It seems unreasonable that children manage to graduate from high school, and are still unable to read. And yet, t is happening, all over. Literacy and reading readiness are issues of particular importance in early grades…

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Looking at literacy and reading readiness at the academic and scholastic level, it is much easier to see the current issues and concerns in literature.
Pre-reading skills are already considered to be of the most important in children learning to read quickly and successfully. These skills include, but are not limited to sight awareness of letters and common words, phonemic awareness, basic comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary, and word attack skills. Sight awareness suggests that children can fully recognize all letters in both lower and uppercase forms, and are able to recognize simple and common words (the, at, apple) regularly, with no assistance. This is perhaps the most crucial of all pre-reading skills, since children use this base to build vocabulary. Phonemic awareness is a child's understanding of what sounds a letter or a pair of letters makes, and how it can change from situation to situation. This recognition makes it possible for children to link a written and a spoken word in their mind. Basic comprehension deals with a child understanding what they have read or had read to them, and able to discuss what they have just read or heard. ...
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