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  • by using the bookVibe History of Hip Hop, Yes, Yes Yall, and unit 1&4, critique and comparing and contrasting the information, the presentation, the relevance

by using the bookVibe History of Hip Hop, Yes, Yes Yall, and unit 1&4, critique and comparing and contrasting the information, the presentation, the relevance - Essay Example

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by using the bookVibe History of Hip Hop, Yes, Yes Yall, and unit 1&4, critique and comparing and contrasting the information, the presentation, the relevance

Such as his song for Hailie in 'mocking bird' and how he feels he has screwed up for her in 'when I'm gone'.
Rap is music, music is entertainment, rap is feelings and emotions and to entertain with feelings and emotions one has to be able to gain control of them to be able to logic whether a person is proper or improper in the means they show their mentality. Not all rappers do this whether because they feel it's a freedom and democracy of discussion and rapping about what could drive others crazy or about the dictatorship of what they believe to be correct and true on life issues which they have learned growing up, like 50-cent's saying that where he comes from has no plan B so he's got to take the chances he's got to be able to face life consequently 'properly'.
Most youth have no experience in life except what they read, listen to in music and thus relate to it in a manner which is shallow because it is shallow in words and this is why they could 'relate' because it is not literature by Victor Hugo or Roman Roland in his tragedy 'Antoinette'. ...
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To rap is to melody feelings that could infect someone contagiously or fascinatingly in a manner which best fits their struck cord of mood. This means that a rap artists being a role model is a better example to follow than the person at a preacher's office since such a person has related my inside to my external life and has rapped and zapped my anger into a positive energy which allows me to share positively with someone the same crisis we share together…
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