Reshaping Toledo The physical and symbolic transformation of the medieval city after the Christian conquest of 1085.

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The Spanish city of Toledo went through several changes along with the corresponding alterations in the overall administrative scenario of the country. The perfect location of the place has always proved to be alluring for the invaders from different lands.


This paper not only concentrates on the physical patterns that underwent changes during the transitional period, but also focuses on the several changes which cast their strong influences in human psyche of this place. It talks about the history of the city itself, the quintessential aspects of its transformation through the centuries, the effect of repopulation of the al-Andalusia region during the long years of the Reconquista and the people representing a large melting pot of various cultures and creeds, namely Christians, the Muslims and the Jewish minorities, who inhabited the city.
The city being one of the most happening centers of physical, religious and cultural transformation has been the interest of a large number of archaeologists and historians, who tried to bring out the subtle tones of color representing the gradual change in the nature of the city, the outlook of the people and their social standing with respect to each other. This is a fact that these changes effected over a long period of time throughout the reign of Alfonso VI and continuing aftermath slowly imparted the final tones of color to the city whose traces can be linked even today. ...
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