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Essay example - "Take Our Workers, Please" Ben Dolven

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In the article entitled Take Our Workers, Please, Ben Dolven informs the reader the reader of the current trends in employment which is the migration of the Chinese urban poor to supposedly Chinese rich cities. Using the province of Anhui, Dolven relates to us how local government officials have initiated employment schemes that involve their constituents working as cleaning maids or construction workers in booming cities such as that of Shanghai…

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Indeed, Dolven relates that some Chinese urban migrants have improved their lives by working in cities. It provided them money to furnish their basic needs and allow for certain luxuries that would not have been accessible if they did not work in city. However, Anhui is just one of the many provinces vying for jobs in booming cities and all of them have a large surplus work force which implies that the competition is tough. According to Dolven, this could mean lower salaries and employers having little incentive to improve working conditions. However, migrants find that they are better off being employed than trying to farm unfertile land.
The large surplus of rural workers is already manifesting its effects on the workers thru unfair labor practices. Employees, particularly in cleaning and construction jobs, must make do with low salaries or face termination. Employees sometimes withheld wages due so as to ensure that the workers return after the holidays. ...
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