Identify Propaganda: How Does this Piece Exemplify Three Characteristics of Propaganda

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Looking at this picture and roughly translating the words, the message is loud and clear, "my boy is covered, no matter what happens." So begins the brainwashing that propaganda aims for. If something is presented enough times, via as many media sources as possible, then ultimately, it becomes part of the culture, an acceptable aspect of everyday life, assimilated wisdom.


But of course, it is delivered with clever subtlety and to the naked eye, or the passing glance, may not even be identified. Windows and Kodak logos are place at the head and eyes. The message here is that the thinking and seeing processes will be enhanced by using these products, we should all be using them in order to ensure the safety and security of our own and our children's senses. The financial advertising on the torso infers that wrapping oneself in monetary security is a necessary and laudable act, something we should all do. The most telling are the food and drink logos, conspicuously placed on the stomach area. Everyone should be drinking Scwepps products, Lite beer, and of course eating McDonalds and we would then all be wearing a happy smile like the baby! The Sports Illustrated, the Nike sign, from head to fist to foot, suggests that we can all be strong and athletic. There is no doubt that this uniformity exists, for almost anywhere on Earth, the McDonald arch can be found, their products accepted and happily consumed. Similarly, Windows is perceived to be a necessity for any computer user, big or
Which leads into the argument in favor of the ideological concept of the piece. ...
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