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Assignment example - Informal Care

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Informal care has been taking on increased importance in conditions like Chronic Heart Failure (CHF). Clark et al (2007) attempts to chart carer's help in managing CHF patients. Informal care is increasingly recognized as being indispensable. There are deficiencies in informal carer's management of CHF patients - as surveys have shown…

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Management of CHF requires shared responsibilities as increasing number of CHF patients have decreased formal care provision. Informal care is an avenue that has best potential for ensuring adequate quality of life for CHF patients, and at the same time also ensuring that CHF patients get more attention than would have been possible in formal care. Clark et al (2007) survey of informal carers and their patients has pointed out that informal care givers have been able to manage and ensure adequate quality of life for CHF patients. Authors have pointed out that informal and invisibl3 care could be even better managed if the informal care givers were given basic training for recognizing and managing some of CHF symptoms.
Francine et al (2002) provides enlightening statistics that in 2002 there were at least 41 million people with chronic debilitating conditions. Another issue might be increased longevity through intervention better nutrition and quality of life - thus the proportion of old people afflicted with chronic conditions is continually rising. ...
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