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Labor Econ

The intermittent attendance of women in the labor force would mean less return for the employer for every training and additional knowledge that it has given a female employee. The lack of training on the part of the women explains this difference in wages.
Another inevitable result of the intermittent attendance of women to the labor force is their inability to be promoted to higher position as this would mean greater chaos in the office every time the women leave for child-bearing and child-rearing. The popular books on labor economics agree on this very important explanation for the male-female wage difference.
With all other determinants equal, the reason why women are still promoted to lower position and still receive lower salaries than men is discrimination. The gender discrimination is not only observed in large countries like the USA but also in small but booming countries such as the Singapore, particularly observed in the form of pre-existing structural differences, sexism and male protecting their success by excluding women from high-paying jobs (Lee).
2. The comparable worth law is defined as "A theory holding that compensation for job classifications filled chiefly by women should be the same as fo ...
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1. There are various reasons for wage differences among groups. For the white-collar versus blue collar workers, for example, the main determinant of wage difference is the education and experience. White-collar jobs are given to employees who have achieved higher level of education, more skilled and have been trained better than the blue-collared workers.
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