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Legalization-of-Prostitution - Argument-Persuasive Essay

Thus Prostitution should be legalized. However some people in the society do not support this because they don't have clarity and enough information on this issue. They have come up with many hogwash and personal opinion about how it (prostitution) promotes Sexually transmitted diseases, Drug abuse and Violence. In fact it is the failure to legalize prostitution that has caused, encouraged and perpetuated all these.
This paper is going to argue for the legalization of prostitution, the paper will conclude by stating that prostitution should be legalized so as to curb the rate of social immorality and injustices in the society.
Legalizing Prostitution will reduce cases of drug abuse. Just like in Nevada, licenses will only be issued to those prostitutes who do not use drugs. Research that has recently been done (by the World Health Organization) indicates that over sixty percent of street prostitutes abuse drugs. This is because prostitutes are in frequent contact with notorious drug dealers and they also work with pimps who control them by giving them drugs. Fingers have been pointed to the anti prostitution laws for perpetuating and encouraging this act. These laws encourage them to roam in streets looking for clients and also discourage them from working in the house because police can easily raid them. ...
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Prostitution refers to the practice or the act of involving in sexual acts for money. Very few countries like Germany, Greece, Holland and Belgium have legalized prostitution. Nevada is the only state in America that has legalized prostitution. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the entire world…
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