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Critically Assess The Difficulties Of Implementing Motivation Theories In The Modern Workplace - Essay Example

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According to Craig (1985, Pg 230-231) the work of the manager in the office is to get the job completed through workers. For this the manager ought to be proficient to motivate workers. However that is easier said than done! Motivation theory and practice are complex topics touching on numerous disciplines.
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Critically Assess The Difficulties Of Implementing Motivation Theories In The Modern Workplace
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Critically Assess The Difficulties Of Implementing Motivation Theories In The Modern Workplace

A consideration and approval of this is a precondition to effectual employee motivation in the workplace and consequently efficient leadership and management.
My piece of writing on motivation theory and practice focus on different theories concerning human nature in common and motivation in particular. Fairly distant from the advantage and ethical worth of a selfless approach to treating colleagues as human beings and valuing human self-respect in all its types, study and observation prove that well motivated workers are more creative and prolific.
A lot of psychologists over the years have made efforts to describe and categorise what motivates people. This became chiefly significant after the Second World War as the Western nations attempted to reconstruct their shattered industrial economies, and all through the '50s and '60s much was investigated and written regarding Human Relations. It was recognised that people who labored in organizations were more than just numbers and, if correctly handled, might not merely generate more, but also add extra.
Frederick Herzberg searched and practiced clinical psychology in Pittsburgh, where he researched the work-related motivations of thousands of workers.He determined that there were two types of motivation:
Hygiene Factors: that can de-motivate if they are not present - such as supervision, interpersonal relations, physical working conditions, and salary. Hygiene Factors influence the level of dissatisfaction, but are seldom referred as originators of job satisfaction (Herzberg, 2003, Pg 87-88).
Motivation Factors: that will motivate if they are present - such as achievement, advancement, recognition and responsibility. Dissatisfaction isn't usually responsible on Motivation Factors, but they are quoted as the basis of job satisfaction.
(Motivation Theories, Online, PG 1)

Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs
Abraham Maslow was an American behavioural psychologist who worked both in academia and industry. He issued a number of Human Relations books until the early '70's, but it was his first book, "Motivation and Personality", published in 1943, that put out his thought of the hierarchy of human wants.

The Hierarchy Of Needs
Maslow disagreed that the factors that compel or motivate people to perform lie on an ascending scale. Once a group or order of needs is satisfied, the individual will not be motivated by more of the same, but will search to satisfy top order needs. What's more, a higher order need will not be a motivator if lower order needs stay unmet (Pintrich & Schunk, 2001, Pg 24-25). Maslow classified five orders of needs, listed in ascending significance:

According to this order of need, the fundamental endurance necessities of affection, protection and food Security should be motivated. These comprise the requirements we have for oxygen, water, protein, salt, carbohydrates, calcium, and additional minerals and vitamins. They in additionally comprise the need to uphold a pH ... Read More
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“Critically Assess The Difficulties Of Implementing Motivation Theories Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/miscellaneous/287444-critically-assess-the-difficulties-of-implementing-motivation-theories-in-the-modern-workplace.
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