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The Pentateuch Torah - Essay Example

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The Pentateuch Torah

Why was Abraham chosen It does not reflect on the reason.
Yet such a choice shows that either god did not know what he was doing or that what he has befriended is just a manner of showing how priviledged a person could be to be a messenger of god for no reason apparent but that god 'feels' like choosing him.
Also, if Abraham was the father of all prophets and has his descendants to be kings and prophets and the chosen people among humans who will carry out the love and message of god to all his creations, then why bestow it on his children Why wasn't the choosing of a prophet something relying on intellect from people who have exhibited understanding of the universe by sole understanding through and by themselves which makes them deserve such choice Why is it that children who were only lucky to be children of prophetic parents and messengers of god get the priviledge of being prophets in return without having to seek it at all in their life Is it because god sees that they will be raised a good raise and that they will be directed to the right path since their childhood and that they will never have to exert effort to make people like or fight for their purpose after paining efforts to convince them but that god will do that for them What is the reason of such priviledge

Also, why is it that Moses believes that his brother aaron could be more of an orator to the pharaoh other than himself whom he fears might complicate things and not deliver the message properly because he has killed someone against their fight with an Israelite Isn't he a child of god And why does he face a stained reputation as a killer of someone who is not Israelite when god could have given him the reputation worthy of kings without having to kill someone to face the pharaoh in such as the manner indicated in the torah(the fear of confrontation and of being killed)

Also, why is it that such a person has to live away from his family and friends when he has to become a prophet Why does a prophet seek seclusion to meet god and talk to him Why couldn't he do it in public Why leave out all the other people Why would god want this Why would he want people to believe in his presence without seeing him and for prophets such as Moses to see him to confirm to them that what they are delivering from messages of god to ordinary people is not a hoax to them What is the purpose

The Pentateuch has some difficulties to be confronted throughout reading it, one of the major difficulties are understanding the linguistics and vocabulary of the language which has been evolving throughout the ages of its writing and exposure to changes of social and understanding of the world and universe when explaining the world to people who know nothing beyond what is in the papers of the book, the Pentateuch

The torah has problems such as understanding what the word of god is and how extremely important it is. Giving the followers of Moses the privilidge of talking to people and saying that they are the chosen children of god, why are they massacred throughout history and hated so much Is it because of the ancestors' misunderstanding of the torah and of Moses and his teachings when he returned back from the mountain after having spoken to god about the teachings which must be ruling the earth Why haven't they accepted it Why has god chosen a people ...Show more


What is a book It must be an informative piece of literary art which exports from the world of writings a manner of cohesive and coherent understanding of what is in life through word advice. The Pentateuch had some contradictions in it.
First, why is Abraham chosen without mentioning why For some reason the prophet is chosen because they are a reflection of God and their ethics and manners reflect God at his best…
Author : ohoeger
The Pentateuch Torah essay example
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