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Essay example - Our Role as a Good Samaritan

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Since the days when Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan, selfless charity has been a much-revered value in human societies. Selflessly helping others in need has been an ideal that all good people try to live up to. Yet, religious leaders and philosophers through the ages have often left the meaning of "Good Samaritan" undefined…

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An act of generosity towards a friend or acquaintance that may be hungry, ill, or in need of mental comfort would certainly be an act of a Good Samaritan. Life asks us to respond to the needs of people who may be physically disadvantaged, elderly, or poverty-stricken. While offering all the charity we can to anyone in greater need than ourselves may not be practical or realistic, volunteering for an event to help the disadvantaged that live in your community is an act we all have the resources to do. We can take our Saturday afternoon and spend it mowing the lawn for someone who is not physically able. The act of doing a good deed is more important than trying to define the magnitude of the act. Being a Good Samaritan is being there, for anyone in need, with help and kindness when it is needed.
The true Good Samaritan will not gauge whether the recipient of their charity is a friend, foe, neighbor, or stranger. The person need only be measured by their situation and their need. Helping a starving child in an unfriendly part of the world is as virtuous as helping an accident victim by the side of the road. We don't consider the politics of the person in need as we humbly, and without fanfare, try to better their situation. Our measure of good is not who they are, but who we are.
Our own self-love and self-absorbed attitude is an obstacle that often stands in our way of being a ...
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