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Influence of Organic Evolution (Evolutionary Biology) in What You Do in Your Professional and Family Life - Essay Example

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Influence of Organic Evolution (Evolutionary Biology) in What You Do in Your Professional and Family Life

Since the inception of this theory, the origin of man has been directly implicated in the tangle. Evolution theory also expounds the cumulative characteristics change in organism in successive generations related by descent. Besides, it accounts for the origin of all types of organisms now living, The Theory of Special Creation, on the other hand, opposes this concept asserting that every type of organism was created in such a special way and not descent-related. By this, the resulting successful progeny and variants, which had different survival value, are chosen through a natural process.
How will then the learned knowledge on Evolutionary Biology or Organic Evolution influence my undertakings The amount of knowledge on Organic Evolution seems to have an incomplete pattern. Looking back at the past century, scientists had put much emphasis on studying struggle for existence as part of the evolutionary theory. It is a fact that man still regards struggle and conflict as necessities of life. Even phasing out some members of social groups was seen as a "legitimate" way of improving a special human race. The Law of Survival of the Fittest gives way to all difficulties, which is a defect of the lower world of nature. In an on-line publication, Dr. Donald G. ...
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The creation of matter remains a baffling mystery to everyone, even to those luminaries that belong to scientific circle. And this mystery cloud will stay afloat for more time-perhaps, even much longer. The preponderance of scientific evidences supporting the evolution theory has appeared that the theory itself is seemingly logical and justifiable…
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