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Religion College

process or act of making divine knowledge understood, often through direct ontological

realization which transcends the human state and reaches into the divine intellect.

Revelation in a religious sense can originate from God, a deity, or agents such as

angels, and discloses a willed outcome, principles, behaviors, laws and doctrines.

For example, most religions have religious texts viewed as sacred and revealed by the

Divine, the monotheistic religions viewing them as the so-called Word of God.


There are two distinct dimensions to revelation: outer words and deeds, and subjective

human experience. Miracles in the Old Testament are a prime example of the former

type of revelation. Take, for example, the parting of the Red Sea in Exodus, to allow

the Hebrews to pass safely through while the pursuing Egyptian army was drowned.

This direct revelation of the Divine Will obviously had both positive and negative aspects

since it favored the Hebrews as the Chosen People over the Egyptians who had enslaved

them. Another instance of negative revelation would be the Ten Plagues which preceded

the Exodus, as the Egyptian enslavers were subjected to harsher and harsher punishments

for the Pharaoh´s refusal to free the Hebrews as their leader, Moses, demanded. ...
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There are two distinct dimensions to revelation: outer words and deeds, and subjective

human experience. Miracles in the Old Testament are a prime example of the former

type of revelation.
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