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Working Environment and Family

The key issue that has been addressed in this book is the emergence of increase in number of working women, who have mostly young children. The relationship of working mothers in this hair-pulling environment to justify between workload and family responsibilities is the main area of discussion. Different types of social parameters have analyzed to get the gist of this social problem. Parameters includes the rate of poverty per family, low birth weight incidences, pregnancies in teen ages, abortions ratio, mortality rates particularly among young children and infants and the result of eight-graders particularly in mathematics and science.
Why are private solutions inadequate to address the work/family needs of Americans Americans, both males and females are moving towards working environment. No matter multi national corporations, Non-governmental organizations, Food chains, departmental stores or any other. The imbalance has visibly seen among all the fields if, we closely observe the work/family needs of all Americans. This issue has not been identified or noticed by the employers. Mostly the solutions offered by most of the private companies are not pro-employee rather they are more focused towards productivity or company demands. ...
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The author has given a detailed comparative analysis about the different countries working environment and issues related to families. The issue is particularly taken with reference to policies and regulations related to labor laws in general. Moreover, the book also covers the socio-economic dependencies, working laws, and care giving scenarios in different families…
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