Theories of International Politics

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In this paper, I attempt to compare the thoughts of two ancient Greek philosophers, Aristotle and Plato on human nature and political and social relations. It is widely accepted that the classical ancient Greek thought is important for the study of International Relations as some political philosophers addressed issues that remain relevant in contemporary politics.


The literature about Aristotle and Plato is extensively so for this reason, my purpose is to give the reader an brief understanding of the position of Aristotle and Plato on human nature and political and social relations. This paper starts with the crucial thoughts of Aristotle that one can identify on the issue of human nature and compare it with the thoughts of Plato. I continue with a brief explanation of the thought of Aristotle on social and political relations and as well compare it with the thoughts of Plato. Then I end this paper with a conclusion
Human nature plays a central role in ancient Greek thought and many Greek philosophers shed light on the human nature element to analyze social and political relations. In the following sections, I will discuss the thoughts of Plato and Aristotle about human nature.
In his work The Politics, Aristotle elucidates his thoughts about the state. One element of his approach is his attempt to relate human nature to the nature and creation of the state. Aristotle argues that one should perceive man as a political animal and that man is the only animal who has the gift of speech. Aristotle continues to argue that the power of speech describes the expedient and inexpedient and thus the just and the unjust. ...
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