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Organisational Decision Making

The major constituents of a business organization are analysed in the light of the Cadbury case study to justify the aforementioned argument.
Human Resource: The staff members of the organization or the human resource of the organization is deemed as the pillar for an organization's sustainability both at operational and strategic levels as argued by Richard Lynch (2003)ii. This is also because of the fact that the human resource is the indispensable asset for an organization. Hence, the inability of an organization to effectively manage the human resource not only to improve their performance but also address their concerns is the primary reason for an organization's failure or financial loss in the target market as argued by Derek Torrington and Laura Hall (2003)iii.
From the video, it is clear that the organization was initially one of the preferred places to work by many in the British general public. The strive of the organization to generate more revenue since 1966 was the major factor that influenced the Human Resource of the organization. ...
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In this section a critical analysis on the Cadbury case study in the light of the argument that the failure to question the normative model and accepting it at face value will potential endanger an organization.
Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes (2003)i argue that the normative approach to the decision-making in an organization is predominantly the result of the analysis conducted on the current business situation and the perspective to future developments in the organization to increase profitability…
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