Stigma and acceptance of disabled people in the workplace in Trinidad and Tobago - Essay Example

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Stigma and acceptance of disabled people in the workplace in Trinidad and Tobago

I'll formulate such research questions which help me to lead exploring the reality of the problem and if so, to analyze the measurements taken by the authorities against this issue. The questions will be,
Since it is highly necessary to gather accurate information for giving an ample scope to my research problem, I'll have to collect the data from secondary sources like the periodicals, Journals, publications etc. which enumerate accurate information and I will choose best of them. Further it will help me to assess the magnitude of the research problem in hand. By resorting to all these data I will formulate answer to the potential question of the reason of disabled persons in hidden population.
I consider the publications of various government autonomous bodies like population and census reports on disabled persons in Trinidad and Tobago, US commission report on UN Convention on the Human Rights of People with disabilities
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Disabled people have been stigmatized for a long time in many parts of the world. Many disabled people have been considered as "abnormal" but many of them have come out broadly to prove out that disability is not inability. They have strived to show that they can carry on with their normal life despite the disability…
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