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Personal Statement example - Five Schools of Psychology

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Personal Statement
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I could say that I am a regular individual who simply aims to be a particular person who is able to relate to others, as I should. However, being an immigrant to this country, I think my shyness at times overcomes my desire to become more relatively connected to others…

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As a Chinese national who grew up in Hong Kong, I could say that I am an individual who grew within two cultures that shaped my personality. As a Chinese, I view my parents' authority as something that is most importantly in need of attention. For this reason, I could say that I have been a pretty good child to them, trying to be the best that I could be to become what they actually expect of me. On the contrary though, because of respect and concern for their welfare in terms of not giving them any troubles as their child, I learned that I needed to keep personal issues to myself so as not to burden them anymore of anything since I know that they already have some other serious concerns to think about.
Yes, I could say that this particular background of my life has shaped my attitude towards others especially with regards the relationship that I have with my authorities. Understandably, I know that I have always tried my best to create the best character in me that I could use as a particular asset in my personal establishment of relationship with others.
As I grew up with my traditional family, my relationship with my parents has actually shaped my growth towards maturity. I lost my mother during the early years of my life. Another woman who is now my stepmother replaced her. Unfortunately, I do not have a fine relationship with my stepmother. ...
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