Case Two: PeopleSoft Offers Hosting Services

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The availability of the different levels of service offered by PeopleSoft, and one of the three hosting options supported by the Surebridge, Inc., is very important as it allows the customer to choose an option that suits this particular company's needs best.


The spare capacity if available can be used for different purposes.
The remote hosting at the third-party facilities as well leads the company to the curtailing of the costs while maintaining the internal control over hardware, software and communications and keeping its established relationship with the third party. Hosting at the Surebridge's facilities, on the other hand, has the advantage of sparing the customer worry about establishing and maintaining its own IS infrastructure, investing into hardware etc. Moreover, customer receives over-the-clock access to the monitoring tools and gets a dedicated manager who is well aware of the company's specifics and recent history.
To make a sound choice, more information about both the options and the company's particular needs is desirable in order to successfully match one with another. On the Surebridge's side, additional required information would include price, total cost of ownership, connectivity and speed of connection, security standards with regards to transfer and processing of the commercial data, set-up time, reliability of the back-up system and assurance of operations continuity, additional services provided.
On the company's side, it would be necessary to know whether its operations and needs are quite similar to those of other companies in the industry, or does it need the customized s ...
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