The Poverty of Women and the Inequality of the Welfare System - Essay Example

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The Poverty of Women and the Inequality of the Welfare System

She states that the welfare system is not designed for women on women's terms, rather, she considers that it shows,
This clarifies the concepts of the dualism of the welfare structure, and how it may be broken down into two subsystems, male and female. Diana Pearce points out that older women choose to receive social security benefit as wives rather than as individuals, due to the higher income of their husbands. If they divorced during their husband's retirement, they were more likely to receive:
A United Nations study, released in 1985, found that women do 75 percent of the world's work but only earn 10 percent of the world's wealth (Kirk and Okazawa 318). After 20 years, the situation has changed. Today, more women work for an income than ever before. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women's participation in the labor force has dramatically increased from 54 percent in 1950, with a projected increase to more than 70 percent in 2010. In spite of the growing number of women in the workforce, women's wages are usually lower than men's. ...
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In our society today, women are struggling in poverty for many reasons. These range from child bearing, relationship break-down, unexpected divorce and short and varied periods of work experience. Diana Pearce argues that women-maintained families are more likely to slip into poverty, while Nancy Fraser argues that women have become the principle clients of welfare assistance, a structure which is unequally divided into female and male subsystems…
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