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Group Dynamics - Term Paper Example

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During the earlier parts of the movie, the separation of the backs and the whites was clear cut. The whites boast more prominent family backgrounds and have established the town and the school as their territory. The blacks although new comers are eager to use their new found freedom and impose a take over…

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Group Dynamics

But there some who are more hostile and are aggressive about their defense. The best example for this is when Gerry acted superior to coach Boone before he got on the bus for football camp. It is well established that the team member is a subordinate to the coach but Gerry felt the need to protect his comfort zone as the team's star player.
Coach Boone, as a reaction to the insult, embarrassed Gerry and reminded him of his place. He could have just given him a simple reminder but instead he asked him "who's your daddy" Of course this was effective, but the main point is that that particular phrase slang among blacks. This was also a reminder for Gerry that he is a subordinate of a black coach.
There are multiple reasons for the prejudice against the African American coach and players. One of which would be the norm. This is what the whites were use to. For years, blacks are considered as second class individuals and this cannot be changed overnight. The whites have experienced the life where the blacks would bow down to them and would follow whatever they wanted them to do. To some degree they still think this way and it is irritating them that the black would no longer do as they are told.
The next theory is that the blacks have a history of rebellion and violence. They have fought for freedom and by doing so have ignited the assumption of being brute. ...
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