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Strategic Management M1

Social needs are met and encouraged by team building exercises, and teamwork is encouraged throughout the organization. This helps provide a friendly atmosphere throughout the workplace. Esteem needs are met by the recognition of achievements by senior management to ensure that credit is always given where credit is due. This keeps employees motivated and gives them a high level of job satisfaction and gives them incentives to fulfill their potential and achieve great things. The top of the hierarchy is the self-actualization needs. This is about the development and realization of a persons full potential. Marks and Spencer's allows this need to be met by offering career enhancement and promotion opportunities, a challenging role for employees, achievement in work and pushing employees to fulfill their potential. Marks and Spencer's believe that self-actualization is a very important factor and will increase efficiency within the organization. ...
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The paper has compared and contrasted visions of two companies for strategic development. The companies are: Marks and Spencer's and Nestle. The article has discussed strategy development processes of these two companies. The article has also compared how the two companies exercise motivational aspects, their organizational cultures and their organizational structures.
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