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Ethics, Genetics and Reproduction Philosophy

Had the things been that simple, any type of intellectual debate would have become a mere travesty that would have predominantly remained confined to evaluating the emerging social and ethical issues by the established yardsticks. However, this was never to happen. Luckily, such a travesty of intellectual and ethical catechism is infact next to impossible in the contemporary technology driven society where the emergence of latest scientific discoveries and novel possibilities infact more then ever impinges upon the collective human consciousness to see and analyze the emerging issues in a multifaceted context. In such a mature and liberal social scenario, issues related to fertility, reproduction and surrogate motherhood assume special significance in an ethical, legal, theological and philosophical context that attract the attention and interest of thinkers and intellectuals from all the spheres of social life. ...
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Ever since the times of the Greeks and the Romans, to the onset of the biblically inspired doctrines in the West, the course of free thinking and ethical evaluation has been vehemently opposed to any stark homogenization of values. Contention can sometimes turn out to be a positive attribute in the sense that the emergence of contentious issues in a social set up is often indicative of a vibrant and evolving society…
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