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World Diabetes - Essay Example

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Every year, 3.3 million people die of diabetes-related illnesses. Along with a rapid increase in socio-economic development, standard of living, and age of populations in many societies, the incidence and prevalence of diabetes increases annually. A recent study estimates that 170 million people world-wide have diabetes; this figure is predicted to double by the year 2025…

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World Diabetes

EASD1 suggests the spread of Type 2 diabetes is so rapid that it is approaching epidemic levels. To supply adequate care to those with diabetes, and educate populations about prevention of the disease, quantifying the presence of diabetes in different populations is crucial.
Diabetes is a serious illness with multiple complications and premature mortality, accounting for at least 10% of total health care expenditure in many countries. Complex methods have been developed for estimating cause-specific mortality for some conditions (AIDS, tuberculosis) but not for diabetes. Based on routine statistics, recent WHO reports estimated mortality from diabetes in the world as 987,000 deaths for the year 2002, which was 1.7% of total world mortality. Mortality attributable to diabetes may actually be much higher, because individuals with diabetes most often die of cardiovascular and renal disease.
The rapid increase of diabetes worldwide is primarily a consequence of population growth, population aging, urbanization, and the increasing prevalence of obesity and physical inactivity. Many efforts have been made to explain the causes of Type 2 diabetes. ...
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