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Indian Culture and American Culture

It is only when we understand the differences and similarities between the cultures of the two nations; we can better understand why people behave as they normally do. In the below paragraphs, the essay tries to examine the contrasts and similarities
People respond to colors in different ways and this greatly has to do with the cultural backgrounds they are from. In the American culture, black signifies death and mourning. Worn mainly due to the weather conditions, it also refers to formality and sophistication that reflects in dressing. However in the Indian culture, black signifies mourning, evil influences and penance. In certain cultures, completely black attires are worn by men for a chosen number of days in form of penance. White in the US signifies purity and life. However in India, the meanings are contradictory and white suggests peace, marriage and mourning all at once. In Southern part of India, women wear traditional white saris on the day of the wedding. In times of someone's death, white is also seen to be worn by widows. Blue color refers to trust and stability in American culture while in India it refers to calmness.
Besides individual colors, combinations also have diverse meanings in the two religions. ...
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Indian culture provides an instructive contrast to American cultural patterns" (Jain Nemi: 89, 1996)1. As each of these cultures shows various assumptions, beliefs, values and practices, one can see various norms that overlap or contradict each other. While the Indian culture is strongly influenced by its age old thinking and wisdom of over 4000 years, the American culture is relatively new, fresh and appealing…
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