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Essay example - Myspace.Com: The Social Networking Hub and Multi-Million Marketing Tool

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Pages 3 (753 words) is a hugely popular internet socialization site owned by News Corporation Limited. MySpace, which is used mostly by younger users to communicate through home pages loaded with messages, photos, music, and more, has continued to surge, had grown to become multi-million dollar company…

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True enough, anyone can make a personal profile online using the Myspace website. One can gain friends by adding another person's profile into their friends list. In his paper, Kheine (29 April 2004) had voiced out that these social networking sites (SNS) are innate to the human cultural experience. The websites, like Myspace, are popular because they focus on personal relationships and orient on specific social or informational goals. This is how the SNS sites attract participants. They engage people with similar or various interests ranging from making business contacts to dating and leisure activities. Likewise, SNS sites facilitate narrowly focused information exchange including recommendations, news, editorial and personal narrative, and so on. Each of the current SNS applications appeals to a basic human desire for connection and inclusiveness within a social group or activity.
In Figure 1, it can be seen that there are about 247 million people who are members of social networking sites. Almost one third of these members are subscribed to As of now, it is indubitable to argue that Myspace is by far the most popular social networking web site. ...
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